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Solution from NAV to pay salary compensation is ready

See what you as an employer must do

NAV has now launched the solution that will pay out both:

  • wage compensation (to laid-off workers who are not paid for by their employer)
  • reimbursement to employers who have paid wages to their laid-off employees

The solution is based on assistance and assistance from employers to get the money paid.

What need you as an employer do?

As an employer, you must do two things. This is to ensure that the payment of salary compensation to laid-off workers and reimbursement to employers is actually paid:

  1. Layoffs and information about working conditions must be reported in the a-meldingen. If NAV does not have this information in the a-meldingen, automatic case processing cannot be carried out and cannot pay wage compensation to the employee or reimbursement to the employer for staggered salary. Here you can check what is reported in the A-meldingen.
  2. There is now a new solution ready on (the solution can be found here), and information about the person(s) who are laid-off must be reported here. Here you need to input information on the birth number and calculated salary per day. If you as employer have a staggered salary, the date of the last day of staggered salary must also be entered. This is what triggers wage compensation for laid-off workers and reimbursement to employers.


You can find more information that must be provided and find a calculator for calculating pay per day here.

Once you as an employer have done this, NAV will be able to pay the money to the laid off person(s) within 2-3 business days.

The money is believed to be in the account within 3 days after the employer has provided the information NAV needs.

Limitation in access

Please note that if very many people try to use the solution at the same time, NAV will limit how many people can access it at the same time. This will be done to ensure that the solution is stable. You will then be prompted on the screen to try again later.