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Debt collection

Inkasso Accountor Credit

Good routines for reminders, debt collection and interest payments


Sometimes it can be difficult to get paid for their services, good results require control of the company's accounts receivable. If you have large losses on the receivables, good sales figures do not help. With good routines for reminders, debt collection and interest calculation, you are perceived as professional, which in turn directly affects the profitability of your company.

Accountor Credit is a professional partner with long experience. We help you to take control of your claims so you can spend your time selling even more.

Accountor Credit is more than happy to help you recover your claims. We have been in the business since 1999, and can help you with everything from cleaning service to debt collection.

Establishment of fixed collection routines
  • The establishment of agreements can be done through our partner on collection and collection, Accountor Credit AS.

  • As an Accountor customer you will get this at a reduced price:
    • Price for fixed subscription: kr. 990 (suggested retail price NOK 2100 or 3 x R)
    • Price for single case: NOK. 450 (suggested price NOK 1000)
  • Free withdrawal of the case within 14 days of misdirection of the case. In addition, 50% of the accrued costs / fees are invoiced if no direct payments have been made
  • Legal action takes place by agreement with the claimant. Any court fees will be offset by Accountor Credit, but will be re-billed to the claimant.
  • When subscribing to an annual subscription, you can send as many unpaid invoices as you wish for debt collection free of charge.

CEO Hans Helge Ilstad (debt collection) (other inquiries)

+47 76 11 27 70/ fax: +47 76 11 27 80

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