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Debt collection without an annual fee

Inkasso Accountor Credit

Good routines for reminders, debt collection and interest payments

Sometimes getting payment for services rendered is complicated—and control of the business’s receivables is crucial to success. If you’re taking big losses on your receivables, good sales figures won’t solve your problems. With good routines for reminders, debt collection and calculation of interest, you’ll exude professionalism, which will also affect the profitability of your business.

We can offer tailor-made solutions for reminders and/or debt collection by means of efficient collection programs.  As our client, you can rest assured that all claims will be handled in a professional manner, which safeguards both you as a client and your relationship with the debtor.  Our case-handling procedures prioritize building good client relationships even after closing the case.

No cure, no pay!

Accountor Credit is a professional entity, with many years of experience. We will handle your receivables so you can spend your time producing more goods or services. Accountor Credit has been recovering unpaid debt since 1999.

•    No annual fee
•    No commission on principal, unless the case is being monitored long-term
•    Connect to integration with PowerOffice GO for free
•    Connect to iizy web portal to integrate Visma Business and other accounting systems
•    Daily settlement if included in contract
•    Case can be withdrawn for free within 14 days, if it’s been sent out in error. This does not apply in cases where the debtor has paid directly to the creditor
•    Legal action following agreement with the creditor
Managing director, Hans Helge Ilstad (debt collection) (other requests)

+47 76 11 27 70 / fax: +47 76 11 27 80

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