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Faktura, på en bedre måte


Invoice, a necessary evil or an interesting job?

Whether you want to invoice yourself or leave the job to us: We have solutions that make invoicing more efficient. You can save time and money and gain control of your finances. 

Outward invoicing is an important part of running a company. Without revenue, the business won’t have the money to pay its expenses.

Sending an invoice is quite simple, but with many invoices, follow-up is required. Receivables, payment reminders, debt collection. We can get the job done for you, so you can spend your time selling your goods and services, which will make you invoice even more. 

Electronic solutions simplify your business life

In this digital age, there are more alternatives available in sending invoices, both as EHF and e-invoices. EHF invoice allows you the opportunity to send an invoice straight to the client's online bank, which increases the possibility of a correct settlement. Far greater opportunities than invoicing by email.

Do you wonder what an EHF invoice is? Get in touch with us and we'll tell you more

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Get your finances 100% under control

Do you have an overview of your business’s liquidity at all times? With the cloud-based accounting, you always have access to your updated numbers.

Correct payroll at the right time - always

Payroll is a complicated field where it’s demanding to stay up to date.