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Accounting Norway - simplify your life

Is your accounting stealing time from other important tasks?

If you gain control of your accounts, you get the necessary overview. You choose how much of your accounting you want to subcontract to an experienced accountant, and how much of it you want to do yourself. We make sure your accounts are in order.

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Accounting services tailored to your business

Our offices are distributed all over Norway, and we offer solutions for both large and small businesses. Being the largest accounting franchise in Northern Europe, we have access to the latest technology available on the market and user-friendly solutions.

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Have a solid grasp of your accounts at all times

Accounting is an important tool that gives you a better understanding of the economic situation of your business. It will help you make the right decisions. If you leave your accounts to us, we can take care of everything related to your company's accounts, or just certain parts. Accountor gives you access to talented accountants with expert knowledge and systems that are up to date, and a solution tailored to your needs so that you maintain freedom and control.

It is important that you find a service partner who understands your needs and challenges when you subcontract your accounting. You’ll have a single point of contact to relate to when you work with us.

Are you considering doing your own accounts?

For some, it may seem tempting to keep the accounts within the business, to save money. But is it really that simple? Sticos shares some good advice about what you should think of if you consider doing your own accounting - read them here.

User-friendly systems

You may also be interested in our easy-to-use digital tools and programs. We have solutions that may be adapted to your business—whether it’s large or small. Read about cloud-based accounting here.