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Career stories from Norway

Odd Ingvar Helgesen

Accountor is an inspirational place to work

Odd Ingvar Helgesen works in sales and market in Accountor. He gets inspired by helping Norwegian companies to run their business even more effectively
Renate Guttorm

Apply now, is Renates recommendation

I feel that I have great development opportunities, as I get to participate in different courses and learn a lot through the work tasks I have.
Bengt Furnes Accountor Hamar

The best thing about Accountor as a workplace

Bengt Furnes is the deputy chairman of Accountor at Hamar, and has been graduated at the office.

Josien den Ouden

In Accountor, we make each other better

I think Accountor's way of working is very smart and effective. Focusing on core tasks means that you become very proficient in your field.