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A professional accountant at your service

På jakt etter regnskapsfører?

Do you need an accountant?

If you are looking for an accountant, we have talented accountants who are ready to assist you, regardless whether you want to do some of your own accounting or subcontract it all to us.

Accountor’s branch offices are spread all over the country, so you can choose whether you want personal contact or do everything in the cloud and digitally.  

We may help you with:


  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Annual report and accounts
  • Reports
  • Budgeting

Control your finances

Our goal is to offer services that add value, whether by freeing up time for you to do profitable work or by reporting to management so you have complete control of your finances and liquidity. Read what our clients think of us.

We can promise you the best in accounting practices and tools, combined with great personal service. 

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Choose an accountant who can do more than “just” bookkeeping

Be cautious when choosing your accountant; a good accountant should assist you with more than “just” bookkeeping. They should assist you with expert knowledge, providing good advice so that you two together may develop your business into a success in its industry. Are you wondering if you can do without an accountant? Read about the perils here. 

Cloud-based accounting

If you leave your accounts to us, we can take care of everything related to your company's accounts, or just certain parts. Accountor gives you access to talented accountants with expert knowledge and systems that are up to date, and a solution tailored to your needs so you maintain freedom and control.

We have great digital solutions and the best systems to offer in our cooperation with you. 

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Are you considering doing your own accounts?

For some, it may seem tempting to keep the accounts within the business, to save money. But is it really that simple? Sticos shares some good advice about what you should think of if you consider doing your own accounting - read them here.