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Payroll services

Correct payroll at the right time - always

Have a professional payroll partner help you handle payroll

Payroll is an area that requires knowledge and time to master. The legislation and rules are complicated, and it’s demanding to stay up to date. Make sure everything is handled correctly by having a professional partner handle payroll services in your company.

By outsourcing your payroll services to Accountor, you can be assured that you will have great systems and qualified professionals to handle the payroll function in your company.

Receive a no-obligation quote on payroll services 

Payroll services customised to the size of your business 

Accountor has specialised professionals with in-depth knowledge of payroll and HR
Most employees take it for granted that their wages are paid on time. When that fails to happen, a critical situation occurs, resulting in discontent among the employees. Payroll management is a key part of handling HR in a company. We are happy to do the job for you, ask for a quote today.

Accountor's payroll specialists are experienced in payroll management in companies, both large and small.  

Save time and money, let us help your company with payroll. You will be less vulnerable, since we always have back-up solutions. We have excellent systems that meet all legal requirements, including GDPR. We are ISAE3402 certified.

For a fixed monthly price (*) we take on payroll services, such as:

•    Calculating wages owed
•    Payment of wages via remittance
•    Submitting payslips either via email or in
•    Reporting to Altinn
•    Changing fixed pay data.
•    Registering variable pay data received in accordance with the Accountor standard
•    Submitting payrolls for approval
•    Submitting accounting receipts
•    Calculating tax deducted (withholding) and employers’ contribution
•    Payment of tax deducted (withholding) and employers’ contribution
•    Predefined standard reports.
•    Final settlement for employee, update of employment end date and status.

We can also help with employment contracts, sick leave, advice for difficult conversations, claims connected to sick pay and advice for onboarding. And many other issues as well, contact us for a no-obligation talk about your needs.

* example of a fixed price: Example for 10 employees on a fixed salary, approx. NOK 3,500 per month.