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The everyday life of Accountor is fun and professionally challenging

Britt Nesteby

Britt Nesteby has worked over 5 years in Accountor. She works as an accountant on the Accounting team at our office in Tynset.

First we asked Britt what she likes best about working in Accountor?


The best thing about Accountor is both our customers and colleagues. And that Accountor is a forward-looking company that has work processes that fit into the future. We all work in the same communication system so that the customer gets an answer from us at all times. Regardless of whether one of us is on holiday, is sick or other absence, the customer will always experience good answers from one of our colleagues. We get good feedback from our customers, which is always nice.

What does a working day look like in Accountor and Accounting team?

We always start by logging into the common communication system to see which tasks are most urgent. We at Accounting Team work with customers in addition to Customer Responsibility, and in this way, the customer gets access to all the expertise they need.


I often communicate with the Client Manager and make sure that the client's accounts, reconciliations, etc. are done.

To me, the job content is varied and challenging profession. Everyday life is so predictable, and the job content is fun. We work with so much different and no day is the same.


I like this way of working. I realize it may sound boring to work this way, but the learning and motivation and seeing how much we can give our customers is fun to see.


I would definitely recommend applying for a job in Accountor, you won't regret it.