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How is it to work at Accountor?

Get to know us

Those working for Accountor often work as a professional accountant, payroll specialist, or software developer, but not always. Many other roles are important for us to deliver quality services, digital services and advice to our clients.

We hire experts within:

  • financial management, salary management and consultancy
  • development of client solutions: finance, personnel or CRM
  • software development and client deliveries
  • sales, marketing and customer relations
  • support functions such as finance, ICT and staff
  • many different administrative tasks


All functions and career choices are appreciated and respected by Accountor. We are a growing company that can offer many different job opportunities. We provide meaningful jobs to skilled professionals in different areas.

The world is becoming increasingly digital. This is also the foremost driving force in financial and personnel processes. This change is a stimulating opportunity for our clients, whether they are of the front-end, follow-up or timely manner. We have clients in all these categories and it is our job to help them into the future.

Accountor puts people first

Our people are important to us, our industry is after all about people. We believe that a good workplace creates even better service quality, digital services and advice.


Our approach to leadership is based on our Leaderment approach: a good mix of leadership and management. Leadership focuses on the future, has long-term goals and the courage to take chances and inspire others to reach out to the goals. Management (management) is about the present, understanding where we are, where we are going and what it takes to get there. It's about implementing and goals changes.


The Leaderment idea supports us in the daily work of involvement and motivation. The simple but difficult promises we give each other are:

  • I do what I say.
  • I show that I care.
  • I make things happen.


Involvement and trust strengthens the team spirit of Accountor

We work together to build our future. In regular "Get Involved" sessions, we collectively gather to discuss the consequences of changes and ensure that we have a common understanding of what we can do to reach Accountor's vision.

The results of our annual surveys show that employees think we have a friendly workplace where one can be themselves and where everyone is treated fairly, no matter what position or background one has. Trust is our value, and our employees consider it very important: Our leaders are confident that they are doing a good job without anyone having to look at them. We also have confidence in our colleagues: We feel that we can trust those we work with, and we trust that the people at Accountor are willing to work hard to get the job done.

Accountor provides the opportunity for professional growth and achievement

Our people are developing together with our company. A growing company and a changing industry provide great opportunities for realizing personal desires. Whether you want to become a specialist in one of our services or want to develop into an international leader, there are opportunities for it. We offer training and development opportunities for everyone. We trust our employees and encourage them to realize their goals.

Because we are a company in the front, we are always one step ahead in terms of knowledge and skills. Accountor is known as a company that invests in training. In 2013, we organized over 3,000 training days for our employees in 7 countries.

The second cornerstone of professional growth is our practice of monthly employee-manager meetings to ensure motivation and coaching to succeed and enhance the skills at work. Everyone maintains their "motivational number", it is natural to talk about it in the monthly meetings. Long-term personal development and career development are discussed and planned in the annual employee interviews.


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