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Now we can spend our time making money

At Harman Bil AS in Smørås outside Bergen, they are busy with buying and selling cars. The sale of new used cars goes so fast, and it is important that the accounts are in order.

A challenging account in safe hands

Harman Bil has always been aware that they would outsource the accounts to the company, and got Accountor on the team right from the start.

The accounts of a car dealer are not just simple: the challenge is that each car that is sold has its own accounting, which provides many attachments. It can be tires, shipping, painting or other things, and then it is important to know that you have a safe partner to keep control of the economy. By putting out the accounts, Harman Bil gets its time spent on what they want to make money on: namely buying and selling a car.

Getting help with the accounts of Accountor in Fusa is beneficial. "We started working with Accountor in 2016, and quickly got a solution that gave us good control of the accounts," says Torstein Tveit, one of the two founders of Harman Bil. What Harman Bil does even in the accounts is to send and pay invoices, the rest takes Accountor off.

When we do not have to talk to Accountor it means that everything is fine

The fact that everything goes wrong is what makes the collaboration with Accountor work so well, says Torstein. "We rarely need to talk to Accountor because everything works. They have full control of our things, and should any problems or challenges arise, they take it quickly and smoothly ".

The security of knowing that the accounts are in good hands makes Harman Bil stay focused on what they are good at. "We'd rather spend time selling cars, not accounting. Accountor takes care of that bit, and then we know that everything goes by itself, ”concludes Torstein.

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