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Do you need to hire a finance specialist or manager?

When you need more expertise in your company, hiring in staff can be a solution. We make sure you get the right person in place quickly.

We have graduates ready who can help with annual reports or other things in an finance department. Maybe someone gets sick or goes into maternity leave? Then we can ask with good candidates who solve the situation.

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Accountor specializes in recruiting and hiring specialist specialists and managers for positions within finance, accounting, finance, salaries and HR. This is our field of expertise, which we have helped our customers with for almost 20 years in Norway.

Hire is suitable for those who need an internal resource in your business for a limited period. When the need for expertise in the business changes, we make sure that you get the right person in place. Such assignments usually last from two to twelve months.

Typical roles we provide are CFO, CFO, CFO, Business Controller, Accounting Manager, Wage Officer, HR Manager and Accounting Officer.

Our large network is your security

Our network of professionally skilled people is essential, and you should expect us to deliver what we have agreed to deliver. We do this through thorough mapping of your need, define the tasks to be solved, and use effective methods to get into dialogue with the right candidates. We work every day to identify skilled professionals and managers within our disciplines and can, at short notice (1-2 weeks) make sure you have a person started.
You can also expect us to follow up during the delivery, even after our consultant has joined the assignment.

The methods we use

We have many years of experience in Recruitment & hiring and use recognized and professionally founded methods. Accountor uses DNV GL-certified testing tools. All of our consultants who work with recruitment are certified users of test tools at DNV GL.


Our consultants have relevant education and work experience from before that ensure that we understand your situation and your needs.

Do you need to hire a finance specialist or manager? Contact us.