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Final assessment

Test of final candidates

Are you in the final phase of a recruitment? Do you need a "second opinion"? We are ready to help you.

Accountor specializes in recruiting and hiring specialist specialists and managers for positions within finance, accounting, finance, salaries and HR.

This is our field of expertise and it is within these areas that we help our customers from before and have done for almost 20 years in Norway. When you recruit on your own, it may be wise to include our end-of-life service. In this way you ensure that objective and professionally founded assessment methods supplement your decision-making basis. Then you get an assessment of your 2 - 3 favourite candidates against each other, based on the job analysis and the defined criteria you have set for the position. The candidates conduct a selection of relevant work psychological tests and ability - and skills tests. We check references and give you feedback on our findings and observations. This will give you an even better decision basis for your employment. A final assessment process is usually completed within a few days.

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We have many years of experience in Recruitment & hiring and use recognized and professionally founded methods. Accountor uses DNV GL-certified testing tools and the consultants who work with recruitment are certified users of test tools at DNV GL. Our consultants have relevant education and work experience from before that ensure that we understand your situation and your needs.

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