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Employment Restructuring

Employment Restructuring (Outplacement)

Making downsizing in a workplace is never easy. It's not easy for the management to make the decisions, and definitely not easy for the employee to go. But there are ways to make the downsizing process smoother for all parties - that is what we will help you with through the Job Conversion Program.

Job Stabilization Program is a service we provide for companies who want to offer a final package to employees who have lost or will lose their jobs. With our expertise in recruitment, we make sure to help them quickly move on to a new and attractive job.

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The most important part of a final package: Give your employees a new start.

Our recruitment consultants specialize in recruiting managers and employees in finance, accounting and HR. We help the former employee all the way into new job, including career guidance, CV writing and interview training. With our network of both employers and candidates in the industry, we make sure to get the candidates quickly into an attractive, new job.


Your co-workers and ex-employees are your best PR channel

Good results on employee surveys are frequently used by most companies to attract potential job seekers. Well as important as what your employees think about their workplace are also those who have left your business.

Companies that offer their employees a final package that includes assistance in finding a new job show that they care about their employees throughout the process. When your former employees talk positively about their former workplace, it will reflect very well on your business. It is also a positive signal to send to those who are left as employees in the company: This is a safe workplace where you are taken care of.