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Accountorin talousosaaminen siivittää Foodwest Oy:n menestystä

Accountor's financial expertise boosts Foodwest Oy's success

Ambitions sometimes run high in the world of corporations and Karri Kunnas, Managing Director of Foodwest Oy (pictured below) is no exception. “I’m accustomed to a goal-oriented approach due to my background in athletics. Together with our capable personnel, we have the right set of tools on our hands to achieve our goals in the food business,” Kunnas says. Strengthening the Foodwest brand and maintaining continued growth have been the key. “We have made investments in our personnel as well as in putting our facilities in order. We operate in Seinäjoki, Tampere and Helsinki,” Kunnas says.

External partner brings in new vision and expertise

Kunnas and Foodwest had the desire to obtain new kinds of financial expertise to support the company. “We started by surveying the market situation. We wanted to purchase first-rate expertise that supports the company as a whole. I feel we have succeeded according to plan,” Kunnas explains. Foodwest also felt wanted as a client. “Accountor’s experts provide assistance and understand what we do. They are top experts in financial administration and also understand our industry,” Kunnas says.

Accounting and payroll services purchased from Accountor and the Financial Manager service have offered the chance to handle things differently. At the start of the cooperation, it was necessary to improve financial monitoring in particular. Predictability has improved thanks to deeper and better insight into finances. “Accountor has given us new tools to work with. Monitoring is in control and at a good level. As an external partner, Accountor knows how to look at things with new eyes, leaving us time to focus on other matters,” Kunnas says. Kunnas feels that the services will reshape monitoring to be increasingly future-oriented. “We can’t influence the past. With Accountor’s help, we have wanted to identify ways to manage the company’s future through financial metrics,” Kunnas explains.

Despite the outsourcing, financial expertise remains easily accessible, and matters are reviewed and decided in clear monthly meetings, for example. Communication is also effortless in both directions. “Shared successes demonstrate the effectiveness of our cooperation”, Kunnas says.

Foodwest Karri Kunnas

Staying on a budget is easier thanks to systematic tracking of metrics

One of the best aspects of the partnership between Accountor and Foodwest is quick access to experts when needed. Consulting with a financial professional gives insight and support to help in decision-making. Metrics such as cash flow forecasts and expense structures are clearly visible, as are the factors behind the figures. An external partner is able to look at things from a different perspective, ask the right questions, and propose solutions. “Together, we have built a monitoring system that ensures that we keep within our budget,” Kunnas explains.

Foodwest has seen positive changes across the board in financial figures, and unnecessary hidden expenses have been eliminated. “Our cooperation with Accountor has proven to be fruitful. We have found new and better solutions, and our confidence in the partnership has only strengthened along the way. We share a clear direction,” Kunnas praises.

Open dialogue moves financial and payroll administration issues forward

Trust tends to increase with time. A sign of good dialogue is that even difficult issues are talked about and the parties challenge each other if necessary. Accountor’s experts make it easy to discuss financial and payroll issues in an open and constructive manner.

“We have gained new added value for the organisation. Now, we have a partner with whom 1+1 equals 3, at the very least,” Kunnas says.

For other corporate decision-makers, Kunnas warmly recommends the services of an external financial administration and payroll partner. “It offers a great way to do things differently and gain outsider insight into the organisation. The ability to access a greater pool of experts from a single partner is also useful,” Kunnas reminds.

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Foodwest Oy provides professional services for food industry companies from concept to shelves. The portfolio includes professional services, consumer insight, product development, contract manufacturing and packaging. Clients range from start-ups to major food industry companies.

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