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With what kind of financial management partner do you want to make your journey? The digital forerunner is ready for a tomorrow together

The fruits of technology can only be properly enjoyed when the necessary leap has been taken in operational activities. Accountor's considerable investments in digitalization have given birth to a completely new operating model, the benefits of which extend not only to its own personnel, but also to the business of companies.

Our working life is moving towards a future where technology merges in every direction, enabling completely new ways of working. The change is strongly visible in the financial management sector, where investing in digitalization skills is crucial for success. With the opportunities offered by technology, expectations and requirements for financial management services grow and change.

Now is the time to think about what kind of service provider you want to do your journey with and what kind of capabilities the partner has to ensure your company's success – now and in the future.

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Ready for a change in the industry

Achieving the highest wave of digitization development requires long-term development work and substantial investments. At the core of Accountor's development work are tools, processes and the ability of people. By welding them into one coordinated entity, it is possible to respond to the significant change trends in the industry. Most importantly, in this way we can meet the customers’ needs comprehensively.

In our innovation, we use different data sources to ensure that we have a correct understanding of the companies' needs. It is critical that the data available to the company through our products and services is available as quickly as possible for the benefit of management’s decision-making. Our services follow with the changing business situations of companies. This is the central task of the financial management service organisation.

The new operating model ensures quality and helps the professionals succeed in their work

The development of technology will not produce the desired fruit unless we also take a leap in operational activities. Accountor's determined harmonisation, centralisation and automation work produced a completely new, ISO9001 certified operating model, which is based on common high-quality documented processes and work instructions. Compliance with these is ensured by the digital systems that guide our customer work. Process information follows in all our tools that support daily operations and thus helps us to adopt a new way of working.

Thanks to our operating model, companies have the best expertise in the selected systems at their disposal and can trust that we operate efficiently with the best possible operational methods. There will be no interruptions to the operations, because the accurately documented information is available even in various change situations and we can guarantee the continuity of the work.

"The real value of data and electronic processes is only created through people, leading with information."

Alongside the professional assigned to a company, we have brought in a background team to ensure that the service is always produced on time and correctly. We manage tasks with the help of a modern enterprise resource planning system and automation, which frees up the professionals’ time to support the financial management of companies. The service is faster and errors produced by manual work are avoided. The importance of data protection and information security is emphasized more and more nowadays. When built well, they are invisible and included in the service.

Our continuous quality improvement is based on data-based development, combining different approaches, methods and data sources.

Above all, the future calls for the development of working methods

All our development work is based on a vision where we, as a partner, help companies succeed with smart financial management and digitalization. IT systems, software, technology platforms and data are harnessed even more strongly for the benefit of business. Automation frees professionals from routine work to face the company and support people. However, the real value of data and electronic processes is only created through people, leading with information.

Our genuine desire is to be a trendsetter for the future of working life. That's why we believe that the skills of professional, the right company culture and resources are the foundation of continuous development. We stand firmly alongside companies in adapting working methods to the digital world.