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Kantoor Accountor

Working at Accountor Netherlands

Today we are 2300 professionals in seven countries and 140 locations, sharing the same passion for results.

Our growth has been fast since 2000, when we were a small family business of 40 people. In order to succeed in the future, we have to continuously strive for improvement, develop our skills, and take care of motivation and spirit. We do all this together, encouraging one another to produce unique client experiences.

Our operations are based on strong values. We respect everyone, even if we do not agree with them. We build on trust and understand that it is a long-term commitment. We value courage to go beyond comfort zones, because this means development. And finally, the future is our value, because that is where we live the rest of our lives, and we must have courage to define our own future.

We value people who want and are able to carry responsibility. It is what our name means: Accountor as a person is someone with accountability.