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Our offices

Our offices and employees from Accountor can be found from the city Gävle furthest north to locations further south in Sweden. Of course, we work with companies and organizations that are established further north or in other places than where we have offices as well as in other countries. At Accountor, we work primarily digitally with accounting, payroll services, advisory services and HR-management . Working digitally with us still means having a personal contact. Just a personal contact is important to us, even if the contact usually takes place via email and telephone. So even though we work digitally, we are happy to meet. You are warmly welcome to our offices!

Accountor belongs to a Group that apart from in Sweden have offices in Finland, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and Ukraine

During these times, many of us work remotely, so please get in touch before you come by our office so we can ensure that the person you are meeting is on site.