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No high Unemployment contribution at> 30% overtime

The Wab, which came into effect in January, also states that employers must retroactively pay the high Unemployment contribution for permanent employees who have worked overtime for more than 30 percent in a calendar year, now that it is due to the corona crisis in sectors such as the Care, public services, etc., it is desirable that a lot of overtime is worked, it will become apparent at the end of the year in a number of cases that 30% more hours were unexpectedly lost than stated in the contract.

The cabinet is therefore preparing an adjustment to remove these unintended effects. So in 2020 no high unemployment insurance premium (7.94% instead of 2.94%) if contract hours are exceeded by more than 30%. This adjustment, which will apply for calendar year 2020, will be worked out as soon as possible. As soon as the implementation details of this adjustment are known, we will notify you in this article.