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5 benefits of declaration apps

The time of shoe boxes with receipts is now far behind us. With the advent of tablets and smartphones and digital accounting environments, apps have also appeared that make digital declaration super easy. In this blog we mention five clear advantages of declaration apps.

The benefits of declaration apps

Declaring a receipt digitally has a number of advantages:

1.    Fast and easy
Where we used to have to create a physical administration with folders, you can easily scan (photograph) receipts and invoices with a declaration app on your phone, save and send them if necessary. You save the receipt as a PDF file that you can easily submit. For example by e-mail.

2.    Convenience for your employees
Not only yourself, but also your employees can submit expenses digitally. This saves time, declaration forms and everyone has a view of the status of the payment everywhere and always. Digital submission has the added advantage that the payout can take place faster.

3.    Link with your accounting package
Many apps to declare are part of an accounting package. Exact, Visma and Twinfield provide such functionalities. In addition, there are paid and free variants that can be downloaded from the Appstore or Google Play that make digital scanning and submitting your receipts easy. 

4. Good overview for the Tax And Customs Administration
The Tax And Customs Administration indicates that every entrepreneur must keep the basic data of the business administration for 7 years. This includes, among other things, the accounts receivable and accounts payable administration and the in- and sales administration. With a declaration app, you can store receipts digitally quickly and easily. If the Tax And Customs Administration asks for it in the future, you can easily consult them.

5. View of declarations, anytime, anywhere 
You can keep all receipts in one place, for example the cloud. That's a safe idea. In addition, the app on your phone gives you the opportunity to consult the notes anytime, anywhere.