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At Accountor they look closely at people and qualities

Ingrid Kromwijk started at Accountor Nederland in March 2018 as a Senior Payroll Administrator. In my position, I and my colleagues take care of the payroll for our customers. In addition, I arrange the onboarding of new, often international, customers and I work on location at one of our customers. Our customers' payroll consists of processing changes, introducing new employees and contact with various authorities such as pension funds, tax authorities and UWV.

I have been working in payroll for various clients for approximately 25 years now. 17 years at my first employer and then at various employers until I came to Accountor, where I have now been working for 5.5 years. I started as a payroll administrator and after 2.5 years I progressed to Senior Payroll Administrator. Taking care of payroll administration is a piece of cake for me, but Accountor offers plenty of challenges. I take care of the onboarding of new, often international, customers and am often already involved in the sales process. Working with international customers is new to me and I get a lot of satisfaction from it.


At Accountor we use the NMBRS salary package, which has many options, so it is important to make optimal use of it. I therefore have a lot of contact with NMBRS, look at needs together with sales and customers and try to expand our services as much as possible. I work most of the time at the office or at home, but I also work on location at one of our clients, who wanted an experienced payroll administrator to help with their daily activities. It's a nice group of people and very different, so it's a lot of fun to do.

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Why Accountor?

Our Finance department consists of about 8 employees. The department is divided into payroll employees and financial administration employees. We have many mutual customers and we work closely together for these customers so that we can serve our customers optimally. The team we work in is a team with great colleagues in which everyone can and may be themselves. It is a nice team to work in. At Accountor they look carefully at people and qualities and there are sufficient career opportunities. I invite everyone with an affinity with payroll administration to apply here.


It is quite busy at the moment and the last days of the month are still extra busy, fortunately I have a family in addition to work. I am married to Mario and have 2 children Milan (20 years old) and Viggo (17 years old). We also have a 2-year-old dog with which we like to go out to the woods or to the beach. We love meeting up with friends and going out for dinner. I also love watching series and films, so we regularly spend Saturday evenings with that. From time to time, retreating to myself with a book on the couch is also something I can relax with.