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New year, new payroll administration

A fresh start is half the battle.

Not sure about your current payroll administrator? Ask for a second opinion. January 1 is the best time to have a new payroll.
This has everything to do with the annual statement, cumulative data and the introduction of new rules and laws.

1 Annual statement
To ensure that employees also receive 1 correct annual statement for the year if you take over an existing payroll administration during the year, you will have to shadow the previous periods.

Cumulative data
If you take over an existing payroll administration during the year, it is important to include the cumulative data in the administration. To achieve this, shadow runs have to be run over the past periods until January 1 of that year. This is labor intensive. In fact, the work that has already been done since January is being carried out again. By starting on January 1, a new start is made on accumulating cumulative data.

New annual data, new wage slip.
Changes in this often affect the net wages to be received, which are often announced in advance via the media. These changes can easily be combined with changes in the layout of a payslip. Employees are used to changes in January's wage in any case. Transfer now. Then take into account approximately 2 months of preparation. This period is used to make an inventory of all data and to set it up in the salary package that is required for correct salary administration. Optionally, a shadow compensation can also be used. Moreover, you can also use this period to inform your employees in advance about the changes.

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