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Wet kwaliteit incassodienstverlening

Quality of Debt Collection Services Act

The Quality of Debt Collection Services Act (WKi) is due to come into force on 1 January 2024. The new legislation – which, among other things, requires debt collecting agencies to have a permit – was originally planned to take effect on 1 July this year, but has been postponed to 1 January 2024.

Purpose of the WKi

The new legislation is intended to improve the quality of private out-of-court debt collections by agencies, bailiffs and lawyers. The direct reasons for introducing it included the problems of wrongful claims and high collection costs.

What does it mean?

From next year, debt collection agencies will have to have a permit to provide their services. Agencies with a permit will be listed in a public register. They will also have to use carefully chosen and straightforward language to make sure people understand their rights and obligations. The WKi also sets standards of quality and professionalism. Compliance with the new legislation will be monitored through a system of supervision and enforcement.

Accountor is ready for the WKi

Accountor collects debts for a wide range of customers. As a member of the Dutch Association of Debt Collectors (NVI) we have had the NVI quality mark for many years. This guarantees we work in line with the criteria that have been set and the Code of Conduct. Our debt collection procedures are socially responsible and ensure that debtors are contacted promptly and correctly, based on the legal and regulatory framework of the NVI members’ Code of Conduct.


Our debt collection staff are NVI-certified. This means they can show they have all the skills and knowledge needed to perform their work well. Most of our colleagues also have the Problematic Debts certificate and so can be even more effective in helping debtors to prevent and resolve problematic debts.