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Do you need to send out a debt collection notice? These are the rules you must follow

Most companies find that customers do not always pay within the payment deadline. Losses on receivables should be avoided, but it is important to follow the Norwegian laws that apply to debt collection. Did you know that you are not required to send out a reminder before sending a debt collection notice? Here are the rules about debt collection notifications in Norway.

Do you have to send out payment reminders?

In fact, when a bill has expired with a customer, it is up to you whether you want to send out a reminder on the bill, or if you want to send out a collection notice without sending a reminder first.

If you send out a reminder with a reminder fee, you must wait at least 14 days after the due date to send the reminder. This time frame also applies to sending a debt collection notice with an extra fee. If you do not have an additional fee, you can send the debt collection notice immediately after the invoice due has passed.

Maximum amount for reminder fees

The payment reminder fee can be a maximum of one tenth of the current collection rate. In 2019, the collection rate is NOK 700, so the reminder fee cannot exceed NOK 70.

The bill can go to debt collection without a previous reminder - but it must be notified first

You choose when you want the unpaid bill to go to debt collection, but debt collection can be sent at the earliest 14 days after the payment deadline has passed, if you have an extra fee.

If you do not have include an extra fee, you can send a debt collection notice as soon as the invoice has expired.

If you cooperate with a debt collection company, you can transfer the case to them for recovery when the claim is not settled immediately. Many people choose to have an agreement with a debt collection company that automatically transfers all overdue claims to the debt collection company.

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Requirements for the debt collection notification

Before sending an unpaid invoice to debt collection you must send a debt collection notice. A collection notice must be sent in writing. Most preferably, they should be sent on paper, but you can send the notice by e-mail if it has been sent safely.

The debt collection notice must be clearly marked with "debt collection notice" or "debt collection notice". In addition, it must be clear what happens in the process further if the bill is not paid.

Remember: You must provide a minimum payment period of 14 days.

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