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Payroll administration and worktime entries

Automated payroll administration and easier worktime entries with Mepco payroll system and Kirjaamo worktime entry system.
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HR management

More comprehensive HR administration and smoother everyday life for the organisation with Mepco HR system.
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Shift planning

Conveniently plan work shift lists and ensure that the staffing is always on point.
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Work time management

With a browser-based working time tracking program, you can easily stamp working time, keep hourly records and enter hours worked directly into payroll.
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With the TalentAdore recruitment solution, every applicant would have a positive experience of the application process and the recruiting company.
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Travel and expense claims

More efficient electronic management of travel and expense claims with Mepco Matka travel and expense claims system.

In addition, you can supplement the Mepco solution with the following products:

Mepco Signature
A seamless overall solution where a signature process can be added to any Mepco workflow.
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Mepco Archive
The cloud-based archiving solution facilitates the work of the payroll accountant, and stores the statutory salary documentation securely in a digital archive.
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Mepco Pro for public sector customers and service centers

Mepco Pro is an effective solution for payroll and HR management in the public sector. It has been developed especially to meet the needs and requirements of public administration, and offers versatile tools for the complex service relationships and organizational structures of the municipal sector. Mepco Pro is based on the Mepco product designed for the private sector, but is tailored to meet the special needs of the public sector. It has its own product family for public sector customers and service centers.