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Flexible HRM and payroll administration systems

Mepco solutions are well-suited to both private and public sectors, for organisations of all sizes and for different business sectors and requirements. The software can also be used in the complex multi-company environments of service centres and accounting firms.

Mepco solutions support comprehensively all the different HRM and payroll administration processes, such as employment relationship’s life cycle management (including recruitment, establishing employment relationship, changes to it and termination), work hour entries, payroll, data collection and reporting of payroll administration and HR management, competence development, training management, leading and awarding the personnel, and measuring and development of occupational wellbeing.

Mepco is already in use in more than 450 Finnish organisations from SMEs to public administration organisations and listed companies with more than 1,000 staff members.

Acquire together or separately: payroll, workhour entry, HR, recruitment and expense claims

The modular Mepco system includes the modules of payroll, human resources management and recruitment. Additionally, a seamless integration of M2 travel and expense claims and Kirjaamo worktime entry system is possible with Mepco, and they can also be purchased separately. The Mepco product family has flexible solutions for the following needs:


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