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Nordic blog: Which one advise would you give to the companies in your country?

This is the last part of our Nordic blog series about the impact’s of the Corona pandemic. In this part we asked Accountor's CEOs in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark:

If you should give one advise to the companies in your country – what would that be?

Karsten Heiselberg

Karsten Heiselberg, Denmark: Keep track of your key figures and dare to think new

"First and foremost, you need to keep track of your company's key figures and liquidity.  Assess the future in relation to the industry you work in. It is the next 6 months we will see the future winners and losers in the industry. The winners are those, who dare to think new and invest in the development of the company"

Petteri Heikinheimo, Finland: Have trust in future and courage to invest

"I wish that everybody would have courage to trust in future, to invest and to consume. After all, that is what the economy is all about. If everybody puts the breaks on, the impacts of the corona crisis are much more severe and longer lasting. Each and everyone of us can help the economy to recover by not slowing down consumption. And same thing apply for companies – there has to be cash of course – but if you do, do invest in development and human resources. In Accountor, the owners think in long term and keep on investing massively in business development. Of course, I would hope that other companies would do the same."

Accountor Petteri Heikinheimo
Magnus Högvall vd Accountor Ekonomi & Rådgivning

Magnus Högvall, Sweden: Look for new opportunities around the corner!

"Covid-19 changes everything. You must accept that you will not come back to what was before, you will face a new situation. You must look for this new situation and not look back. There are always many opportunities that arises out of a crisis. Be prepared to challenge everything that has been the conventional way of doing things, look for new behaviors of your clients and customers – maybe there are new opportunities around the corner just waiting for you and what your company can offer!"


Timo Matinpalo, Norway: Turn challenges into opportunities

"Now it is brilliant time to turn challenges into opportunities. If you are not doing it, some competitor will. Right now the winners are separated from the losers."

Timo Matinpalo

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