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Accountor employee ambassador – Tiina Koivula 

Tiina Koivula has worked for Accountor for 9 years. She is currently the Head of Support Services and is the Team Leader at Accountor HR Solutions. 

Tiina originally started as a payroll specialist for a company called Pretax, which later became Accountor. Tiina has been involved in many things and her career path has developed steadily. In addition to payroll specialist, she has also worked as a system administrator, project manager and now a Team Leader. 

Tiina balances work and family life in the ways she can. Her family includes two sons, and there is plenty to do in the house with the family’s six dogs. Dogs are a great passion for Tiina taking her on daily forest trails. Closeness to nature is an absolute must for Tiina for maintaining her work-life balance. 

What is your typical workweek like at Accountor, what does your role involve? 

Tiina's workweek includes, for example, work related to support services, handling tickets and clarifying various matters, as well as assisting her team. She often goes through with her team what observations the team has made during the week. Sometimes Tiina's workweek includes more project meetings, communication and development work. 

Nowadays Tiina meets customers a little less often but enjoys it even more. She enjoys her Team Leader role and she enjoys being able to interact with people. However, Tiina would sometimes like more time for the Team Leader work. 

How did you end up working for Accountor? Would you recommend Accountor to other specialists in the field? 

In her own words, Tiina drifted into working for Accountor. She had studied to be a physical education instructor and was little inspired by any systems. However, after her Bachelor of Business Administrator studies, she ended up applying for a payroll specialist position. The manager who interviewed Tiina had been so enthusiastic about her that he was willing to hire her immediately. Tiina is still on that road. 

Tiina noticed that people, systems, and their logic began to feel like a great combination. Tiina has later also studied more and obtained a Master's degree in international project management. Tiina feels that she has made good progress in her career. It has been important for her to be able to develop in various tasks. 

“I recommend this job to anyone for whom people and systems are close to their hearts. It's never boring here!” says Tiina. 

What does We Make a+ Team mean to you? 

Tiina thinks about her colleagues at Accountor and says that there has always been a great team spirit at work. 

“Our team has morning coffees together and talks casually about a variety of things. We are creating a good atmosphere and networking together. There have always been those famous ‘good guys’ here,” rejoices Tiina. 

Tiina sits in the Tampere office in an open office, and considers it to be the best possible way to be part of a team and maintain open communication. She gets to be in the middle of development and solve things together with her team. 

Although some of her team members sit in different cities, Tiina also keeps in close contact with them. She drives to the different offices and keeps the Skype lines hot. 

Interaction is the essence of Tiina's work.