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Accountor on Procountorin platina tilitoimisto

Tili a+ offers an affordable business bank account for Procountor customers

Alisa Bank and Accountor will introduce Tili a+ business bank account that will be offered to Procountor customers in Finland. Tili a+ business bank account is a current account that Alisa Bank offers for companies, and which includes a banking access to Procountor. Tili a+ is meant to be released for Procountor customers during summer 2024.

Tili a+ business bank account is an affordable solution for companies who want to save in fees due to banking access. Tili a+ customers do not incur transaction-specific costs, as in traditional business bank accounts. The customer only pays a fixed monthly fee for the service. In addition, competitive deposit interest is paid on the funds in the Tili a+ business bank account.

”For us, Tili a+ is a step towards better banking services for small businesses. We want to solve perhaps the biggest challenge in banking services for small businesses, which is the data transfer between bank accounts and financial management software. Previously, this data transfer has been costly and cumbersome. Now, we are making it affordable and almost real-time. Tili a+ truly helps all stakeholders who use financial management software”, says Juho Putkonen, who develops banking services at Accountor.