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Intelligent automation & Digital Transformation

Accounting is no longer a matter of handling numbers nor HR management shuffling papers, as digitalization takes papers away and the numbers are put in order with the aid of artificial intelligence. However, in Accountor’s financial management services, we talk about Intelligent Automation, which is an effective combination of the best parts of software robotics, AI, and process control.

Intelligent automation appears in our work in many ways. We, for example, develop and use several desktop robots, build artificial intelligence into our software, and develop our software to meet IA requirements.

Automation does not remove the meaning of human labor but changes its content. It is no longer just a matter of monitoring the situation in real time, but also of anticipating the future.


Artificial intelligence in software development

Our software development has been driving the digitalisation of the industry for a long time. With AI technologies, development is now taking a new leap forward.

In our own product development teams, we develop data-utilizing functions for users and machine-learning models as a built-in part of our software. In this way, the possibilities brought by new technologies and data are easily integrated into the daily lives of 'sour software users. Instead of automating current processes, it is possible to define completely new ways of working from the point of view of the accounting companies' clients' needs.

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