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Accountor's systems, software and applications

Financial and Payroll management is at the heart of our business and we want to help our customers succeed. Accountor's systems, software and applications cover all the modern Financial and Payroll Management Solutions that companies and accounting firms need to support their business. 

We offer our customers excellent solutions for the digital world. We believe that digitalization will improve the timeliness, flexibility and efficiency of financial and payroll administration and thus bring new added value to companies.

Mepco Total

Mepco Total solution is great in that it includes HR, payroll, workforce management and on-demand workforce management functionality if you want. The solution supports organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries, both private and public.


Comprehensive financial management software is available under a single agreement, also providing you with the required electronic financial management tools and versatile connections. Software is also excellently suited for joint use by a customer company and an accounting office.


Apix makes it quick, easy and affordable to implement e-invoicing and begin receiving e-invoices. We can also digitise all of the business documentation related to your supply chains, such as orders, confirmations and invoices.

Isolta invoicing software

Invoicing software for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Manage your sales and finances with Isolta invoicing software – conveniently and regardless of your location.


A mobile and web application for scanning receipts - we'll send your company receipts directly to your accountant.