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Services for inclusion in SME register

Tax and social insurance contribution benefits for SME

  1. Reduction in total social insurance contribution rate from 30% to 15% Example of savings calculation (in Russian)
  2. Exemption from certain obligations and restrictions provided by labor law
  3. Replacement of administrative fines with a warning, including for employees
  4. Subsidized loans
  5. Guarantee support
  6. Regional benefits

Criteria and procedures

Russian companies

General requirements for obtaining SME status:

  • State participation share – no more than 25%
  • Share of foreign organizations that are not SMEs – no more than 49%
  • Taxable income for the previous calendar year – no more than RUB 2 billion

If a company meets the SME criteria, no action is required from the company.

  • Operating companies are entered in the register automatically based on the information available on the 1st of each month
  • New companies are entered in the register on the 10th of the month following the month they are recorded in the State Register of Legal Entities

Companies with more than 49% foreign participation


  • Income for the reporting calendar year – no more than RUB 2 billion
  • Average number of employees for the reporting year – no more than 250 people
  • Permanent location cannot be in an offshore zone (Ministry of Finance list of offshore zones)

Procedure for inclusion in the SME register:

  • Conclusion of an agreement with an auditing organization to check company eligibility 
  • Verification of eligibility by the auditing company
  • If the company is eligible, the auditors will send the appropriate information to the Federal Tax Service and the company will be included in the register

Services for inclusion in the SME register

Our lawyers and tax consultants have extensive experience in including companies in the SME register. Our audit firm Nordic Advisors has been included in the relevant register of the Russian Ministry of Finance and may submit information for inclusion of companies with foreign participation in the SME register.


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