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Smooth help for the labour shortage – artificial intelligence and automation make shift planning easier

When exceptional situations are disrupting our societies, the constant labour shortage and running on-demand and temporary employees can seem frustrating.

With the help of intelligent software, you can make work shift planning at the push of a button, define the need for personnel cost-effectively based on data, and manage the on-demand employees nimbly, for example, with a mobile device.

Resource-based workforce planning helps to guarantee business continuity

In the aftermath of covid-19, labour shortage continues to persist, for example, in the hospitality industry – many experienced employees have moved to totally different fields, and the uncertainty does not attract new employees. The fluctuating economy and various exceptional situations add their own challenges to the equation.

With the help of flexible, resource-based workforce planning, business continuity can be guaranteed even in exceptional situations.

Modern work shift planning software TyövuoroVelho, MaraPlan Pro and Mepco Keikat save working time and costs, scale according to needs and are available anytime and anywhere.

Artificial intelligence and automation become part of work shift planning

What if automation would take care of planning work shifts precisely according to opening hours and sales – considering also the wishes of the employees?

Cost efficiency is not lottery: when you can accurately calculate the need for staff for each day and opening hours according to variables that are important to your business, you will directly see the results.

In resource-based planning, the number of personnel is automatically estimated based on data, which reduces the risk of too high personnel costs or, on the other hand, customer service inconvenience caused by a too low number of personnel.


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Automatic work shift planning makes it easy to take into account, for example, employees’ wishes, required qualifications and skills, and targeted working hours. In the best case, the implementation of rest periods, taking care of employee-specific contracts and practices, and the distribution of shifts evenly among employees are automatically handled by the software – saving the entrepreneur’s working time for other things and ensuring a reliable employer image.

There is no need to use your working time to juggle sales, the need for staff and the employees’ wishes, when you can do it at the push of a button.

The intelligent algorithm of Maraplan Pro, which is designed for the hospitality industry, automatically forms an optimised work shift list from the desired variables and standardised data.

You can’t always predict personnel shortages. When you have flexible and easy-to-use work shift planning tools in use, it is also possible to adapt to changing situations without difficulties. Thus, there are always the right number of people at work, at the right time and in the right place.

On-demand employees can afford to choose – Investing in the employee experience and easy-to-use tools pays off

In exceptional situations, the need for employees increases unexpectedly and burdens work shift planning. With the help of modern software, you can also manage the on-demand employees with a smooth and efficient process. Contacting employees manually is history, and signing up for short-term work and transferring information is smooth – also from the employee’s point of view.

In a mobile application, information flows to all employees openly and in real time. Thus, you don’t have to try to reach employees individually or think about who would fit the job requirements. You can send invitations directly to on-demand employees that match the required qualifications. Through an interface, staffing companies can also be utilized for a company’s short-term employment needs.

Easy-to-use and transparent mobile solutions also help with labour shortages by strengthening the company’s brand as an attractive employer.

Employees can book their work shifts easily just by using their own phone. Leaving shift requests and recording working hours can also be entered directly into the application.

Modern software also facilitates payroll administration. For example, with the help of Accountor’s Mepco Keikat solution, it is easy to manage on-demand work as well as create salary and invoicing materials. When an on-demand employee records their working hours in the mobile application, collective-agreement-interpreted salary and invoicing material is automatically generated based on the working hours. Thanks to the common interface, Mepco Keikat also communicates seamlessly with other working time solutions of the Mepco Total product family.