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Monitoring employment of Russian and foreign workers in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Labor Resources Center is to monitor the employment of Russian and foreign workers by organizations in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg Labor Resources Center Letter). Higher state agencies (Ministry of Labor and St. Petersburg Administration) will use the results of this monitoring to determine how much foreign workforce is required and set quotas. The following details will need to be provided in the questionnaire:

  • Employer details (name, taxpayer identification number (INN), telephone number, type of activity);
  • Employment of Russian and foreign workers in 2020;
    • Number of people employed;
    • Number of residents in St. Petersburg (in total and by occupation);
    • Number of residents in Leningrad Oblast (in total and by occupation);
    • Residents in other regions (in total and by occupation);
    • Foreign nationals;
  • Salaries earned by foreign employees in 2020 by occupation:
    • Number of employees;
    • Country;
    • Salary amount.

Employers must complete and send the questionnaire to

Форма мониторинга трудоустройства иностранцев в СпБ 2021