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Accountor-Nordea CFO Update

May 26th saw an enlightening CFO Update, which Accountor organized together with Nordea Bank at Nordea Headquarters in Moscow.

The seminar was opened by Lidia Kochetova, Head of International Corporate Banking at Nordea, and Samuli Pesu, Deputy CEO of Accountor.

Market Outlook and Possible Scenarios for Y2015

The first presentation was delivered by Nordea Market’s Chief Economist for Russia, Dmitry Savchenko, who dwelled upon the Russian Market, describing the current situation, the effects of sanctions and the estimated GDP decrease for 2015. Mr. Savchenko also spoke about the development of retail and other industries, perspectives, and investment opportunities.  The speech produced a lively and fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences.

You can find Dmitry Savchenko’s presentation here.

Increase of Productivity through Electronic Accounting Solutions

The second presentation was devoted to demonstrating the increase of efficiency and productivity by adopting methods of electronically exchanging legally valid documents (VAT invoice, TORG-12, Act of rendered services, etc.) and was given by Andrei Eremin, who is the senior project manager of electronic solutions at Accountor. During the presentation Andrei demonstrated cost savings of up to 85% by replacing the paper document flow with the electronic exchange of accounting related documents. The presentation also described the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to replace paper document flow with electronic document flow.

You can access Andrei Eremin’s presentation here.

After the seminar, many of the guests continued a discussion in an informal atmosphere.

Thank you for your interest, we will keep you updated on upcoming seminars. Please fill in the contact form here if you are interested in our next seminars. 

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