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Webinar registration. How companies can start working during COVID

Special aspects and operating procedure for companies after the lifting of non-working days

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What documents need to be prepared, how work should be organized and what necessary working conditions should be put in place, as well as employer liability for non-compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards amid the COVID-19 pandemic after the lifting of non-working days.

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  • Date and time: June 03, 2020 at 15:00-16:00
  • Admission: Free
  • Language: Russian
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This webinar will be particularly useful to company directors, HR managers, labor law specialists and lawyers, as well as health and safety specialists.

Вебинар. Ошибки в трудовых договорах

Topics addressed

  • Restrictions and bans put in place in the Russian Federation due to the coronavirus pandemic and their phased withdrawal;
  • New working conditions: prevention of coronavirus infection by employers and organization of work, development of necessary internal regulations;
  • Special aspects of the payment of wages after the lifting of non-working days. Possible options for optimizing the costs incurred by employers;
  • Particular aspects of the legal status of certain categories of employees during the spread of coronavirus (employees aged 65 and older, pregnant employees, etc.);
  • Employer liability for non-compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards and rules during the spread of coronavirus;
  • Review of answers to frequently asked  questions considering the clarifications provided online by labor authorities.


Anna joined Accountor in 2012 and currently works as Chief Labor Lawyer. In fulfilling her work duties, Anna: 

  • Examines issues of labor relations between employer and employee, implements staff reduction procedures and procedures for employers to amend the terms of employment contracts unilaterally;
  • Participates in negotiations for “problematic” dismissals, represents the interests of companies in courts of general jurisdiction, state labor authorities, prepares opinions and appeals to the prosecutor’s office in the event of labor disputes;
  • Develops internal regulations for companies;
  • Advises companies on labor law to minimize the risks of violation of the law and imposition of administrative fines;
  • Participates in the legal review of documents (due diligence), identifies violations and suggests ways to eliminate them.

Anna advises and prepares documents for foreign companies in English and in Russian.

Anna graduated in 2004 from the International Independent Ecological and Political University in Moscow. Anna keeps her skills up to date by regularly attending labor law seminars and courses.