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Benefits for small and medium enterprises. How to get into the SME register

On April 29, Evgeniy Sumin, Deputy Director of Tax Consulting and Audit Department at Accountor, held a seminar on Benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises. How to Get into the SME Register. Evgeniy addressed the following issues at this webinar.

Update from June 18 2020: An unscheduled update of the SME register will take place on July 1. The deadline for submitting documents is June 30, 2020.

Service - Getting into the SME register

  • Reduction in social contribution rates for SME from 30% to 15%
  • Which companies are SMEs?
  • General procedure for SME register maintenance
  • How companies with foreign participation can qualify as SMEs?
  • Procedure for inclusion in register of LLC with foreign capital
  • Calculation of savings from reduction in rates
  • Social insurance contributions for SMEs in 2021
  • Other benefits for SMEs

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