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Expense management with Accountor Expense - easy, fast and stable

Easy, fast and stable expense management for everyone with Accountor Expense. We can ease the everyday life of your organisation, when it’s on the move.

Accountor Expense is a user-friendly app, which make everyday life easy for employees, managers and finance. With the apps high user-friendliness, the barriers for instant handling of travel expenses, mileage reporting and outlays are removed. The risk of errors is reduced substantially along with lots of time saved. It is easy to follow the process for both employee, manager and finance.  Everybody experiences a more effective, transparent and satisfactory proces 

Accountor Expense is available both from mobile and desktop and by the cloud.   

Do you think about optimising travel expense - then talk to us. Let's present our solution. 

Expense management - Accountor Expense

Save time and costs when handling travel expense

An outlay is handled easily for both the employee, the manager and the finance department. The employee takes a picture of the receipt with the camera in the Accountor Expense app, which scans and registers all details. The only thing, the employee has to do, is add the outlay type and select the outlay report and send. The app easily and accurately reads all types of receipts. The manager receives the expense report for approval and can quickly see, what it is about and approve. The outlay is then paid- out. A lot of time can be saved by using Accountor Expense. Time, that can be used more efficiently for customer-oriented purposes.

Accountor Expense handles all expenses and has many features!

Mobilitet - Accountor Expense

Available anywhere via mobile or PC

Manage all your expenses from your mobile or computer. Available everywhere via the cloud. Easy to use - no training require
Notifications - Accountor Expense

Get notifications about important tasks

Get information via your mobile or browser. Follow up on what needs your attention. Do not overlook an important task.
Reciepts - Accountor Expense

All types of expenses and receipts

Use your app to report all types of expenses and receipts. Take a picture of your paper receipts, or forward your email receipt.
Mileage - Accountor Expense

Easy driving accounting

Report your driving. Connect to your GPS app or record data directly manually
Reporting - Accountor Expense

Effective reporting

Send reports from your mobile. Reports are automatically sent to the correct person to approve. Get an overview of your ongoing, submitted and refunded outlays.
Overview - everything in one place

Overview - everything in one place

Get an overview of all reports easily and quickly. Everything in one place !. Sort, filter and search.
Diets - Accountor Expense

Diets - easy handling of tax matters

Diets can be reported directly in your app. Accountor Expense can be set up to handle relevant tax matters.
Representation - Accountor Expense

Representation - quick and easy reporting

Easily report your expenses related to representation. Report before leaving the table.

Your benefits with Accountor Expense!

High ease of use, efficiency and reduction in errors

Userfriendly expense handling 

For outlays, it is easy to scan receipts with the Accountor Expense mobile app. The app reads and registers the expense and provides the correct refund / refund to you.

Userfriendly expense handling - Accountor Expense
Efficient expense handling - Accountor Expense


60 - 70 % cost saving 

Everyone saves time in relation to the manual handling of travel settlements and expenses. Our estimate is that the cost of handling outlays decreases by about 60 - 70%.


Reduction in errors 

Because the outlays / expenses  are handled easily and quickly,  fewer errors occur and fewer travel settlements and reciepts disappear. This means that the finance department can free up time for other and more value-creating tasks.

Travel expense - Accountor Expense


Do you need help with optimising travel expense? Write to us below or contact our Sales Manager Carsten Madsen directly