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HR Staff for Hire

Accountor has long-term experience hiring out of interim consultants. Unlike temp agencies, Accountor’s consultants are permanent staff, and we can vouch for their professional and social competencies.

You can hire our HR employees for a shorter or longer period of time – part or full time. If you doing business in Denmark, or just starting to establish your legal entity on the Danish market, we are here to assist you with all HR aspects.

Flexible services – hire an experienced HR employee for the exact period needed

We are ready to provide flexible services tailored to your company’s specific needs. You may need an HR Manager half a year full time, an HR consultant a couple a days a week, or an HR coordinator part time – or some other constellation.

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Advantages when hiring one of Accountor's interim HR employees

  • Experienced and flexible HR consultants
    - from HR coordinator to HR manager level
  • Fixed term contract – you decide the number of hours
  • Foreseeable costs  – payment per hour or according to a fixed fee contract
  • Flexible agreement - we adjust the resources according to your needs
  • Back-up in connection with absence

HR services offered:

  • Day-to-day HR administration and coordination
    – management of the annual HR cycle of work
  • Personnel administration, contracts and amendments
  • HR legal assistance
  • Description and mapping of HR processes
  • Optimizing and development of HR processes
  • On-boarding, recruitment and staff retention
  • Staff development interviews, courses, job satisfaction measurements, performance
  • Participation in ‘difficult’ conversations in connection with e.g. dismissals or illness
  • Competency assessment and development
  • Facilitation of change and development processes / organizational changes
  • Management training
  • Strategy implementation etc.

Accountor is able to deliver HR consultants with extensive experience within all parts of HR processes and administration and they are ready to help you from day 1.