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Outsourcing of HR function

Accountor takes responsibility

With an HR outsourcing solution, Accountor takes responsibility for handling all tasks. We will make sure to be present at the company’s premises. HR requires presence and can only be successfully handled in close cooperation with the company’s management.

The HR Partner is responsible to the managing director in relation to ensuring a well-functioning and professional HR function in the company.

Flexible solution

Accountor offers to provide an HR Partner for hire for a fixed period; full time, 2 days a week, 2 days a month or something else - depending on the company’s size, complexity and needs.

Express analysis accounting report

Tailored HR function

The HR Partner solves agreed upon HR tasks in the company, and will in addition draw on the expertise of other Accountor HR specialists. We employ specialists within most areas of HR – from onboarding and recruitment to personnel law and competence assessment.

On a daily basis, the HR Partner will be your cooperation partner, but you will get access to specialists in all relevant HR areas. In this way, we will create a professional HR function tailored to your company’s specific needs.

We offer our assistance in relation to

  • Day-to-day HR administration and coordination – management of the annual HR cycle of work
  • Personnel administration, contracts and amendments
  • HR legal assistance
  • Description and mapping of HR processes
  • Optimizing and development of HR processes
  • On-boarding, recruitment and staff retention
  • Staff development interviews, courses, job satisfaction measurements, performance
  • Participation in ‘difficult’ conversations in connection with e.g. dismissals or illness
  • Competency assessment and development
  • Facilitation of change and development processes / organizational changes
  • Management training
  • Strategy implementation etc.

We offer to handle all tasks related to the HR function, but you decide how we make up the solution.

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