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Bogholder - Brug for en bogholder - Accountor Denmark

Need an accountant, finance professional or help with bookkeeping and accounting in Denmark?

We have flexible solutions. Let's talk about how we can help you

We can help with temporary assistance for bookkeeping, recruitment of bookkeepers, accountants and financial professionals, or you can let us do the bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements. 

We help all types of companies in Denmark with bookkeeping, accounting and finance in accordance with relevant legislation.  We will find the solution that suits your needs.

We are the Nordic region's largest company within accounting and payroll administration and are experts in bookkeeping. We help companies of all sizes handle finance, accounting and bookkeeping correctly, in a timely manner and efficiently.

Lets talk about bookkeeping and financial management

If you choose to have your own bookkeeper or accountant, you may be vulnerable in case of illness, maternity leave or other reasons for absence or in busy peak periods. There may also be special accounting and finance skills that the accountant or employees in the bookkeeping department do not have, and the company therefore must bring in from outside. Talk to us about how you can reduce vulnerability and increase flexibility. Our financial and accounting consultants have broad and deep experience and can find the solution that suits your business.

On this page you can get an overview of how we can help you with tasks within bookkeeping / bookkeeping, accounting and finance.

bogholder - Accountor Danmark
Bogholder -Accountor Danmark

Interim hiring of a finance professional

Hiring of e a finance officer, accounting consultant or bookkeeper when a need arises. Either due to project work or other development tasks that require extraordinary resources from the existing permanent employees or due to illness, leave or other absence.

Outsourcing of bookkeeping and accounting - Let us do the bookkeeping?

We can be your bookkeeper and accounting consultant? We can handle everything within finance, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll! By outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting or payroll to us or all, you will get more time for your business and your customers. With us you will get a personal accounting consult along with efficient processes.

bogholder - Accountor Danmark
bogholder - Accountor Danmark

Recruiting an accountant? We recruit all types of finance professionals

If you have a need for hiring an accountant or a finance employee or another finance professional on a permanent term contract, we can help. Accountor's extensive expertise in recruiting accountants, accounting managers, financial managers, accounting consultants, CFOs or controllers can also benefit your company. With a structured process, that accommodate your company's needs, we find candidates, who are the right match the position. We can help you avoid incorrect recruitments, which are costly in terms of time and finances.

Our accountants are experts in a number of financial and payroll systems in Denmark - see examples of the systems here

bogholder - systemer - Accountor Danmark

We can help you with all types of bookkeepers

We can help with all types of bookkeepers. In collaboration with you, we identify your specific needs and find a bookkeeper / accountant with the specialist skills, that are relevant to the tasks. Regardless of whether you choose recruitment, temporary employment or to outsource bookkeeping, accounting or payroll to Accountor, we ensure that you meet competent specialists in bookkeeping, accounting and payroll. We ensure that the bookkeeper is competent with solid experience in your payroll and finance systems.

Talk to us about your tasks within bookkeeping, accounting and payroll and we will find the profile in Denmark. Here are examples of bookkeeper profiles.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • All round - Accountant  
  • Financial Accountant 
  • Payroll Accountant

Our Clients

At the link below you can see, what our clients tell about us !


Do you need a bookkeeper, an accountant, a finance professional or help with financial management or payroll in Denmark - Write to us below or contact our Sales Manager Carsten Madsen