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Let us help you recruit the best employees in Denmark within finance, payroll, HR and accounting. Accountor has one of Denmark's largest candidate databases within finance, HR and accounting and our experienced recruiters have an extensive network within financial and HR staff, both specialists and managers. In addition, to attract the best candidates, our recruiters use both traditional advertising channels as well as headhunting.

Accounting outsourcing services

Recruitment of employees within HR and accounting

Accountor’s expertise in relation to the recruitment of accounting manager, finance manager, CFO, HR manager or other financial/HR staff, can also benefit your company. Whether you need a specialist or a manager, we will quickly find the perfect solution for your company.

When you need employees within finance, payroll or accounting, Accountor is the safe choice. We are an accounting house specialized in financial outsourcing and we have more than 30.000 satisfied customers around Europe. Our recruitment consultants are highly specialized in the recruitment of financial staff at all levels. 

Recruitment channels

Through our extensive candidate database, network, headhunting and advertising, we will quickly find the most optimal staff for your company – also when you have an urgent need.

Flexible approach

We are highly flexible in our approach and tailor the process to your specific needs and requirements. Our experienced recruitment team offer to manage a full recruitment process or contribute to an already existing process in your company.

Fixed fee

We offer fixed fees contracts and guarantee.

We offer:

  • Recruitment of Accounting Manager
  • Recruitment of Financial Manager
  • Recruitment of CFO
  • Recruitment of payroll bookkeepers
  • Recruitment of finance accountants
  • Recruitment of bookkeepers, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Recruitment of financial controllers
  • Recruitment of business controllers
  • Recruitment of HR manager 
  • Recruitment of HR specialist
Accountor Grow yhdistää ammattikirjanpitäjän ja Procountorin

Contact us now

If you are planning to recruit a new CFO, finance manager, HR specialist or other financial or HR staff, then let Accountor’s experienced recruitment consultants help you get the best candidate for the position. If you want to be contacted by us, just fill out this form and we will get back to you quickly.

You are also welcome to call us at +45 44 34 50 00 or write directly to


Do you need help with recruitment? Write to us below or contact our Sales Manager Carsten Madsen directly.