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Who benefits from financial outsourcing?

Is your daily bookkeeping just a boring routine task that you want to get over with so that you can focus on more important core tasks in your company? Then, here is some good news for you!  When outsourcing your financial tasks, the thing is, you will both save time and cut costs and get more time to focus on the things you do best.

When running a company you will inevitable have to do budgeting tasks, payroll administration and general financial management. For many, this part of running a business is something that just needs to be done and is seen more a chore than a pleasure – budgets must be done; the employees must be paid their salaries. Does this sound familiar? Then, financial outsourcing might be the right solution for you!


Larger companies often establish a financial function to manage the financial tasks, while the tasks in smaller companies often end up with the manager or with more individuals. But there is a better solution for the companies – and even a solution that saves you both time and money.

At Accountor, we believe that you should spend time on the things you do best. That is exactly what we do. We love accounting, and to us, bookkeeping is not a routine task, but an important tool to gain better insight into your company and that way help you make important decisions. Therefore, we offer our expertise to all companies, both larger and smaller. The price is volume based and transparent, and therefore, you will always know your costs.

The smaller start-up company   
The entrepreneurial company will be able to benefit largely from getting external assistance from bookkeeping and accounting, thus getting more time to focus on the company’s core tasks. For companies in growth, where the accounting and bookkeeping part also grows, it can be beneficial to let an external partner handle of all of the financial tasks.

”Accountor’s outsourcing solution reduces our costs. Alternatively, we would have permanently to employ accountants in our financial function, but it would be expensive to hire all the resources we get in one solution at Accountor. The outsourcing solution costs a third or a forth of what we should have otherwise paid. The system is automated, but also flexible. I especially like the fact that we can make the invoices ourselves.”

In addition, it is an advantage that the solution is transaction based and can be scaled according to your needs – and we definitely hope that we will grow together with Accountor.”

CEO, Jesper Gettermann, Comized

The larger company with own financial function
The larger companies, having their own financial function, will typically save around 20-25 percent by outsourcing their accounting tasks, partly or fully. By making use of external bookkeepers, you can avoid dead time, as you will only pay for the time actually spent on the bookkeeping tasks. In addition, absence like sickness, vacation and sudden resignations will not influence the tasks. When outsourcing your financial function, more consultants will take care of the designated financial tasks. This set-up provides both a safety net and cost savings.


Do you think a financial outsourcing could be a relevant solution for you? We would be happy to tell you more.

At Accountor, we are specialized within all types of financial outsourcing – and we are ready to help manage your financial function as well. We have several years of experience and cooperates with both smaller and larger companies.