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Accountor Expense

Accountor and Findity in agreement to launch expense management solution in Denmark

Accountor Denmark will launch a new expense management solution called Accountor Expense. The service is a white label built on Findity’s expense management platform and aims to automate the management of receipts, per diems, and mileage for all clients. It will be launched in Q2.

“Digitalizing our processes is another way to stay competitive in the market and to offer our customer second to none service said Karsten Heiselberg, CEO Accountor Denmark. The new Accountor Expense solution will ease administration for our customers,

The new solution will make every part of the expense management process mobile and automated. With the service’s built-in AI engine the solution automatically analyzes the account, date, amount, VAT, and currency on every receipt. Clients can also manage per diems, mileage, approvals and more in the mobile app.

“This is a great milestone for Findity since it is our first partnership in Denmark. We are looking forward to launching the solution and helping Accountor Denmark’s clients to automate everyday, time consuming administrative work”, says Per Einarsson, CEO, Findity.

For more information, please contact:

Karsten Heiselberg, CEO, Accountor Denmark A/S, +45 44 34 50 00            

Per Einarsson, CEO, Findity AB, +46 73 440 42 22

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