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Accountor Denmark has started employing people with Asperger syndrome

People with Asperger syndrome are often extremely competent in assignments involving structure and creating systems as well as at complying them fast. As accounting and payroll tasks are typically very structured and need a high level of attention to detail, that type of work suits the special preferences of people with Asperger syndrome. With the right approach and the will to embrace people with Asperger’s, Accountor Denmark wanted to provide an opportunity for employment to people with Asperger’s.

The cooperation with Ballerup municipality began more than 6 months ago. The results are encouraging. Accountor Denmark has currently four young people with Asperger syndrome employed. They are handling many different tasks within payroll and bookkeeping. All four of them have developed greatly during their time at Accountor. Accountor Denmark is proud of taking part in this initiative and pleased to be part of helping people with Asperger to become successful – in their personal and professional life respectively.