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"I don't have to spend any time on payroll-related issues. That is a great help."

CFO of DISA, Kim Tjerrild, about the cooperation with Accountor: "The best thing is that I don't hear anything - it just works on a day-to-day basis. And that I can concentrate on other things." In addition, Kim Tjerrild states that the change to Accountor as a cooperation partner has been a great relief. "Particularly, the matching of expectations has worked well from the beginning. The interface between what we are to deliver to Accountor and what they should deliver to us has been cut well from the beginning. It gives us a valuable sense of security to know that everything just works and is done correctly. By entering into cooperation with Accountor, we have now got ‘real’ payroll outsourcing - that is, now I don't have to spend any time on payroll-related issues. That is a great help." Since the summer of 2012, DISA has chosen to outsource their entire payroll administration to Accountor Denmark in a full outsourcing payroll agreement. And since then, Accountor has made sure that DISA's 300 employees get the correct salary on time.

About DISA

DISA is the leading global provider of innovative foundry technology.

DISA develops and manufactures a complete range of metal-casting production solutions for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries. A long-standing tradition of innovation, reliability, and commitment to providing its customers with competitive business value results in DISA today enjoying the trust and loyalty of leading foundries all over the world.

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