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For a large company like EasyPark, payroll administration has been a challenge on many levels – both due to earlier suppliers and the different Nordic offices being characterised by different rules. Here, Gertrud Köver, CFO at EasyPark, tells about their cooperation with Accountor and how they helped to streamline payroll administration in the operations.

EasyPark provides Europe’s most used parking app and the company is active in more than 13 countries. Accountor’s cooperation with Nordic EasyPark began when the company was seeking a new partner for handling their payroll services – after a long period of difficulties with their former supplier.

Payroll – a complicated, but important area that may not go wrong

Many of the problems with the former supplier were due to a high staff turnover, poor structure and grasp of rules and laws – and EasyPark felt that there was never anyone who really took a comprehensive responsibility for them as a customer. In every payroll processing, inaccuracies were discovered because there were new people involved from time to time.

Payroll is an area where everything must always be correct,” emphasises Gertrud Köver, CFO of EasyPark. “It’s very complicated, but also very important for us as an employer that salaries are correct and proper. Otherwise, the company as an employer risks losing the trust of the organisation.”

EasyPark decided to seek a new, Nordic-wide supplier for payroll administration, and the assignment went to Accountor with whom they had also cooperated before. In parallel, EasyPark also began to centralise the payroll function between the Nordic offices to improve the efficiency of the entire process.

A cooperative partner with a grasp of salaries throughout the Nordic region


Accountor’s assignment began in December 2018 when they went through EasyPark’s needs and basic data, and investigated what EasyPark needed help with based on this – with one primary manager for the entire project. Today, Accountor handles all payroll administration for EasyPark in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The services include everything from certificates, travel expense claims and statistics for information to authorities and system implementation. 

“Everything has become much more efficient with Accountor. They have advisers in every country who can conduct a daily dialogue with the respective manager here – and they also see themselves and us as cooperative partners, in contrast to our previous supplier,” explains Gertrud Köver.

A first challenge in the project was to put together a comprehensive agreement for the whole of EasyPark as a Nordic corporate group, which meant that the actual contract signing took time. The possibility to report historical expenses is also something that Accountor is still working on to ensure across all offices. It is important for EasyPark that everything is correct according to current rules, laws and guidelines for the respective country, at the same time that they are viewed as one single company – and something that Accountor has strived for from the beginning.