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Financial and Human Resource Management Software as a future success factor - Accountor Software Suite Statement of Direction published

Our software mission for the future is to provide optimal solutions for accounting, invoicing, HR, and payroll services. We look into the future with confidence to develop software that enables organisations to have extraordinary customer relationships with world-class business results. We now share our view of our future Accountor Software Suite Statement of Direction document.

“We live in a time of rapid change, and Accountor is on top of it. We understand the future, our customers, and we are reflecting our understanding in the incoming new solutions and releases of our software. In this document, we tell you how we are going to move in that direction,” says Sakari Jorma, Accountor's Chief Technology Officer.

The future of our software starts with the users

The underlying idea of ​​our software development is that together we will be more successful. In our Statement of Direction, we explain how we approach delivering solutions that enable our customer organisations to:

  • Maximize the potential of the company’s existing resources
  • Achieve process agility to quickly adapt to new requirements
  • Encourage connections across an entire ecosystem of suppliers, partners, and customers
  • Secure and maximize the value of the company’s digital assets.

Download our Statement of Direction document and learn more, e.g. what are our key priorities in our software development and how do we develop software that makes Smart Accounting available to all organisations. Find the right solutions for your organisation or get in touch with us and we'll tell you more.