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Recruitment of accounting and financial personnel in Ukraine

One of the greatest investments companies make today is in valuable personnel because only experienced staff can make decisions and see them through by answering for their implementation. It is therefore better to leave staff recruitment to specialists who search through their own databases, in business circles, through personal business connections, enjoying open access to professional networks. This allows them to find suitable candidates very quickly.


Recruitment services job examples

For this very reason, Accountor offers:

  • A well-defined algorithm to search for highly qualified professionals in accounting and finance. Our HR consultants specialize in recruitment and selection of finance, accounting and tax accounting personnel so that decision-making is approved by staff with the appropriate level of knowledge and experience
  • Individually designed testing of candidates taking into account the field and specific activities of each individual company to verify the candidates’ knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards, Ukrainian Accounting Standards, tax law, as well as management accounting and controlling
  • Individual selection of search technology based on a vision and understanding of clients’ objectives and requirements for the vacant position; submission of reports on a selection of candidates with test results and brief summary of the applicant’s professional experience
  • Confirmation of candidates’ recommendations and professional achievements in previous jobs
  • Checking command of English (if necessary)
  • Ensuring pre-selection of candidates
  • Scheduling of interviews and, if necessary, assisting clients in conducting interviews

Benefits working with us


Confidentiality of information

We observe and guarantee confidentiality rules at all stages of cooperation

Immersion and approaches

We study our clients’ business and their needs whether their business is large, medium or small. We are offering to manage a full recruitment process

Recruitment channels

Сandidate database, network, headhunting and advertising - helps us to find quickly the most optimal staff for your company – also when you have an urgent need

We recruit professionals for all levels, from junior to top level:

  • Accountants for various accounting areas
  • Chief accountant and deputy chief accountant
  • Financial managers
  • Heads of Departments

We offer more than recruitment:

  • We verify the professional skills of candidates, soft and hard skills
  • We conduct online or offline tests 
  • We report to clients on test results and recommendations for selection among several candidates

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