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Legal Services in Ukraine

Legal services in Russia

We offer legal support at all stages of business life cycle!


  • Drafting agreements (contracts) in full compliance with Ukrainian laws (including contracts between Ukrainian legal entities and parent companies, as well as between Ukrainian and foreign contractors)
  • Advice of the contracts' compliance with Ukrainian laws and with the Client's interests
  • Support in negotiations with banks regarding IMPEX contracts 
  • Analysis of contracts governed by foreign laws and their applicability in Ukraine 
  • Risk analysis and advice on avoiding risks at all stages of fulfilling contract obligations
  • Bringing corporate agreements in line with Ukrainian laws 
  • Legal advice at the stage of concluding the contract
  • Drafting sample export/import, commercial, sale/purchase, distribution contracts for cooperation with counterparties
  • Legal support in changing or terminating contracts
  • Participating in negotiations with the Client's counterparties at all stages of the contract's lifecycle
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We have been providing outsourced services to international companies in Ukraine since 2008. Accountor Ukraine is a part of Accountor Group, one of the largest providers of outsourced services for companies in Northern Europe
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We are ready to help you from the get-go, or to get involved at any moment you need us. We can get your company registered, help you obtain the required permits, draft the required documents, assist you with dispute resolution or terminate a company you no longer want
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The Whole Package

We are not just a team of lawyers: our accounting and tax experts are always there to help you. We also provide recruitment services if you are looking for an in-house Lawyer or Accountant for your company.

Starting Your Business in Ukraine: First Steps

  • Advising on the optimal legal form and taxation system
  • Registering companies with state authorities, opening bank accounts
  • Preparing corporate documents (charter, etc.)
  • Drafting internal documents (instructions, regulations etc.)
  • Legal support of the company's business activities
Mergers & acquisitions
Corporate issues

Legal Due Diligence

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of a company's legal status (audit of company formation documents, contracts,  documentation etc.)
  • Preparing reports for owners/management on companies’ current condition and activities in accordance with Ukrainian laws

Employment and Dismissal

  • Obtaining work permits and residence permits for foreigners in Ukraine
  • Support in changing jobs, extending the period of foreigners' stay in Ukraine
  • Drafting labor agreements (contracts) for employees and top managers 
  • HR legal advice
  • Legal support in case of challenging dismissals and labor disputes
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Foreign Currency Requirements and Customs Laws

  • Advising on foreign currency laws when signing and/or fulfilling contracts with non-resident parties
  • Getting loan, debt assumption and financial aid agreements with non-residents parties registered with the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Support in having the contracts pass bank and currency controls


  • Participating in out-of-court dispute settlements, preparing claims and counter-claims
  • Representing the Client in Ukrainian state bodies and courts 
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Restructuring and Bankruptcy

  • Legal support of companies (their creditors) at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings, including representation in court
  • Winding up companies and their representative offices in Ukraine

The Legal Department of Accountor Ukraine is a team of professionals experienced in supporting companies of all shapes and sizes. 

Call us at + 38 044 364 38 68, fill in the form below or send an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.