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Legal services Accountor brand

Legal services in Ukraine

We offer legal support at all stages of corporate life cycle. It should be noted that our lawyers are highly-qualified professionals specializing in legal and tax consulting as well as in financial control and management.

We would be pleased to assist with any legal matters you may have. Our specialists handle any matters related to:

Agreement execution and performance

  • Drafting agreements (contracts) in full compliance with Ukrainian law requirements (including contracts between Ukrainian legal entities and parent companies, as well as between Ukrainian and foreign contractors)
  • Bringing corporate agreements in line with Ukrainian law requirements
  • Advising on agreement performance

Investment activity and business setting up in Ukraine

  • Advising on the optimal form of corporate incorporation and taxation system
  • Preparing corporate documents (articles of association, etc.)
  • Registering companies with state authorities
  • Opening bank accounts for companies

Legal due diligence

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the legal status of companies as part of M&A procedure
  • Preparing reports for owners/management on companies’ current condition and activities in accordance with Ukrainian law

Legal support for employment and dismissal

  • Applying for and obtaining work permits and residence permits for foreign nationals to work and stay in Ukraine
  • Preparing employment contracts
  • Advising on HR issues
  • Legal support in case of challenging dismissals

Compliance with currency requirements and customs laws

  • Advising on compliance with currency law upon conclusion and performance of agreements with non-residents
  • Registering loan agreements with non-residents with the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Advising on customs clearance of goods, adjusting customs value, representing importers in disputes with customs authorities

Dispute resolution

  • Participating in out-of-court dispute settlements, preparing claims and counter-claims
  • Representing client interests in state bodies and in courts of all instances in Ukraine

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Organizing joint ventures and preparing for acquisitions
  • Handling reduction of company groups and capital investment withdrawal

Restructuring and bankruptcy

  • Legal support at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings, including representation in court
  • Company winding up, foreign company representation in Ukraine

Intellectual property

Registering trademarks, applying for and obtaining licenses, patents, etc.

Tax advice

  • Tax audit
  • Participating in court hearings for examination of tax cases
  • Providing tax advice

The legal subdivision of Accountor consists of a team of highly-qualified lawyers with extensive experience gained working with companies of various sizes and engaged in numerous activities. If you work with us, you can be sure to achieve the best results!

Call us + 38 044 364 38 68, fill in the form below or send an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible