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Non-profit Accounting Services in Ukraine

Opting for outsourced accounting services for your NGO, non-profit organization or charity foundation in Ukraine is a great way to save time and improve productivity.

Accountor Ukraine offers a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure your compliance with Ukrainian laws as well as with your organization’s internal standards.

Outsourced Accounting NGOs Ukraine

What We Do:

  • Tracking donations and expenses (fund accounting)
  • VAT accounting
  • Taxes and fees
  • Taxes for contributions from external donors
  • Preparing and submitting reports to local authorities
  • Preparing management reports for your Head Office
  • Helping you prepare a cost estimate 
  • Drawing up the organization's Accounting Policies 
  • Drafting HR documents in compliance with labor laws
  • Calculating payroll and social security benefits 
  • Obtaining residence permits for foreigners in Ukraine
  • Obtaining work permits for foreign employees in Ukraine

Why Accountor Ukraine?

administratieve lastenverlichting.


We automate your processes with custom software to reduce risks and save your time
computer screens


We keep your data confidential by processing it in accordance with the GDPR standards


Due to our HR interchangeability system, we are always in touch, which prevents any miscommunication problems related to outsourced accounting services

We Are a Partner You Can Trust

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  • We keep you updated on legislation changes 
  • We advise how to improve compliance and avoid risks 
  • We pay attention to the smallest details
  • Our motto is "people first!", and we truly care about the relationship with our customers

There are many specific requirements when itcomes to accounting for non-profits and charities. It is important to remember that “non-profitable” does not always mean “tax exempt”.

Accountor is the best outsourced services provider for your non-profit organization in Ukraine. 

Service Order Form

Accountor processes the form's personal data to contact you by email and/or by phone. Information on how Accountor processes personal data can be read from Accountor's Privacy statement.